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Re: various Imus is out comments

On Thu, 05 Aug 1999 02:22:32 -0400 SteveOrdinetz <steveord@xtdl.com>

>WNBC in 1977....there was a bit of a format shakeup, and few if any of 
>the airstaff remained.  The new staff sounded
>and ratings tanked.  Imus was back within a year.
>There is an aircheck around that is basically a profile of the change 
>at WNBC, with clips before and after the change.  Listening to it gives 
>one the definite impression this was an excuse to get rid of some highly

>paid air talent (Imus &  Cousin Brucie were a couple) and bring in a
>of time & temp jocks.

Bob Pittman (now in administration at America OnLine, and the guy who
created MTV) was the PD who got rid of Imus.  I can't agree with your
perception of the changes made at WNBC at that time.

WNBC was a mess prior to Imus departing.  Imus was in bad shape...
non-entertaining, unless you enjoy the sound of coke addicts playing 99X
jingles.  Cousin Brucie... please!  He was a time and temp jock for the
last several years he was at WABC.  At any rate, WNBC was floundering.

After Pittman came in?  In truth, not much better.  Everyone was let go,
including Imus.  The programming idea was to undo WABC by being a
complete opposite of WABC.  Might have been a good concept... but it
didn't work.  Pittman brought in his then girlfriend Ellie Dylan to do
morning drive.  In concept, an interesting move, replacing Imus with a
woman.  But she was mediocre, has were most of the talent that came in. 
But as I mentioned, most of the people there before the change were
mediocre as well.

My take:  a good concept, but failed in the implementation.

Rick Kelly

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