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Re: Judy Papparelli's


Actually, it was Gina Tempesta who was substituting for Joe (what'shisname?)
Stapleton this morning on WPLM, Easy 99.1.


Jason (what'shisname?), substituting for Jack (what'shisname?)

Bill Piacentini wrote:

> Judy Papparelli, who works for Metro Networks, was also substituting for
> vacationing Joe (what'shisname?) doing the traffic on WPLM Easy99.1 this A.M.
> Do you suspect Metro Networks produces "Boston Beat" also?
> At 10:29 AM 7/30/99 -0700, Tony Abruzzese wrote:
> >It was announced that today was Judy Papparelli's Last day on the Loren
> >& Wally morning show on WROR.
> >
> >She stated that she is returning to talk with her own show. Over the
> >past few months, she has been working for TalkAmerica and Guest hosting
> >on a talk station in Providence.
> >
> >She further commented that what exactly she will be doing is something
> >that she couldn't speak about "this being radio, and all" but that she
> >will be continuing with her Sunday AM show "Boston Beat" on ROR.
> >
> >Tony Abruzzese


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