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Re: Judy Papparelli's

In a message dated 7/30/99 10:57:48 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
billpi@ll.mit.edu writes:

<< Judy Papparelli, who works for Metro Networks, was also substituting for 
 vacationing Joe (what'shisname?) doing the traffic on WPLM Easy99.1 this A.M.
 Do you suspect Metro Networks produces "Boston Beat" also? >>

er... judi was on the air on wror this morning.  part of the morning show.  
involving top and bottom hour newscasts, as well as being in the studio with 
the boys in between.  i'll be honest.  i've worked with her for three years.  
there's no way she was on wplm this morning.  if she was, then that's a side 
of her i've not seen.  not in three years of greeting her at 3 am every 
morning.    she may not be great at doing two things at once, but she is 
great at doing one thing very very well.  and her dedication to her craft is 
superb.  as i mentioned, 3am, every morning.  writing the casts, getting the 
sound (occasionally by closing the newsroom door and turning on the mic and 
rolling tape on the tv... yes, she had permission from all of the locals, and 
always credited when she was forced to do that.), making the calls, and 
always, always, always a positive spin on things.  even if life "sucked" at 
that moment, she found the good and worked with it.  not a bad way to look at 
things.  although, she'd probably admit to thinking a few bad thoughts when 
driving around the city...

boston beat is a wror/wklb program.  it has absolutely nothing to do with 

chuck igo