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Mt. Washington FM's

Well, yet another odd signal problem to mention...
I noticed WHOM 94.9FM and WPKQ 103.7FM both missing
from the air on the way home early Wednesday morning.(1AM)
A check of my scanner had WMTW Channel 8 coming in
however. It was interesting to hear WWRX mixing in
with WKNE from Keene (which I never hear) while driving
through Georgetown MA! "New England's Big Hit Station".
WKNE must still be ticked off with that big summit
signal even though it faces NW from the Rock Pile.
I wonder what happened up there anyway? I heard some
hikers had some bad luck with lightning near the
summit on Sunday. Heard one was knocked out for a short

Best Regards!

Kyle (MajorRadioFreak@excite.com)

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