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As long as we're talking about RKO, am I the only one that's noticed their 
really bad production during the "Howie Carr" show?  I'm not talking about 
the content, but just the production.  There are major gain changes as they 
go from Howie to the news and other production elements.  Lots of gaps of 
dead air and just some other production glitches.  I realize that they are 
trying to be a syndicated show but this is really amateur night.  This has 
been going on for some time.  Is it this way on the "Howie" affiliates?


At 12:00 AM 7/27/99 -0700, Kyle Stephanos wrote:
>Hello all.
>Has anyone noticed WRKO's signal lately. It's very low!
>During the day when leaving the Haverhill area, the signal
>seems quite low. WROL seems to have the same signal where
>before, RKO had a much stronger signal then it does now.
>At night, I get a skywave news station in the distance that
>often is equal with WRKO. This was not the case until a week
>or so ago. Has anyone else noticed this?
>Best Regards!
>Kyle (MajorRadioFreak@excite.com)
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