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Re: WFNX --> WNHQ ?

Jordan Guagliumi wrote:

> I heard from someone today that WFNX purchased 92.1 WNHQ in Peterborough
> (simulcast of 105.5 WJYY/Concord). Was this person confused with the 92.1
> WCDQ Sanford, ME signal, or is the WFNX network expanding with TWO 92.1FM
> signals up north?

It's a credible scenario, if nothing else  With modern technology (digital exciters, T-1 lines, GPS 
receivers etc.) it is now feasible to synchronize transmitters and provide an almost seamless 
transition between two stations on the same frequency--signal contours notwithstanding, of 
course.  The current Radio World reports on a White Paper from Harris/Intraplex on this very 
subject as presented at NAB '99.

BTW, I was driving around Boston today and WFNX's 101.3 translator was solid into Saugus, 
then disappeared into the murk by Lynnfield.  I was amazed that it held up that far!  It was also 
very listenable in Cambridge.  All bets are off as to building penetration in their intended fill area, 
however.  92.1 was pretty solid into Newbury--much better than WXHT's signal, which was 
obliterated by co-channel interference in Hampton Falls.  In the months to come I'll see if these 
results were seasonally influenced.

The "FNX Radio Network" is definitely *not* ready for prime time--the local breaks in Sanford are 
abysmal (obvious repeated "national" spots that are just intended to fill time, late rejoins, poor 
level matching between elements, etc.)  92.1 was off the air for most of Saturday--for what 
seeemed like an eternity they just broadcast a screeching complex tone, then the XMTR was 
shut down.  On the basis of what I've heard thus far I'd say that Mike is dead right about their 
prospects in this market.

Take care,