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Re: JFK Missing -- Coverage

At 08:38 AM 7/18/99 -0400, Brian Vita wrote:
>I am a conservative also but my political leanings have nothing to do with 
>the nausea that I am experiencing over not only the coverage but the 
>government attention as well.  Like Mr. Kennedy I am also a pilot, probably 
>with more hours than he has.  I my rented Piper Arrow went into the drink 
>with my wife and sister-in-law on board you can bet that we wouldn't have 
>half the Coast Guard looking for us.
>A couple of points that seem to be overlooked by the media:

Interesting points about likely pilot error deleted

>It was a tragedy that three people died but lets forget that they are not 
>royalty and are entitled to nothing more that you or I if we were in that 

I also feel it's a bit much for wall-to-wall coverage of this when there's
nothing new to report.  There have been no new developments in the past 12
hours...sheesh!  Return to regular programming and maybe do twice-hourly