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Re: WBRU sold to AMFM for $2 million

On Mon, 12 Jul 1999, Mark Shneyder wrote:

> It all depends how desperate AMFM gets as it looks to find an outlet
> for a JO format in the Boston market...I suppose it would involve lots
> of hard cold cash(very low two-digit range). AMFM could also throw in
> an AM station so that Haravard sports could still be heard around
> here....

Now this, my friends, is called "speculation," as oppoosed to what Dean
Johnson practices, which is called "journalism." :)  BTW, Imus confirmed
much of what Johnson reported over the weekend *except* the calls of the
station picking up the show after Aug 24th.  He said the winning station
offered *twice* what WEEI had offered to renew and that it would be on FM.
The station's identity will be revealed soon.  And of course the I-man
wasted no time ripping WEEI's management for bungling the negotiations and
putting out a bogus story to cover their butts. :)

BTW, it's great to learn that WBRU is not in fact for sale.  I don't know
what I found more offensive: the selling price or the identity of the buyer!

Take care,