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Re: need info on e-skip, propagation, etc.

Fellow Beverlyite Bob Nelson wrote,

> Hi--awhile back someone posted some info about
> propagation including e-skip. I saved the email but
> later deleted it; now I need it as a 15-year-old
> radio buff wants to know this stuff. If I knew exactly
> when that ran, I could track it down via the archives.
> But in case I can't, can someone repost it? Or is there a link with
> info on propagation, e-skip and other stuff? Thanks!

That was probably my "on-line mini-course", <Propagation 101>,
"digested" back on 26 May:


There were several dx/propagation posts around then, as well as another
heavy dx day--including another one by yours truly--on 13 June: