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In a message dated 7/9/99 2:18:28 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Dib9 writes:

<< Dean Johnson did not create the speculation, he is only repeating it >>

and that makes it better or ok?   no, it doesn't.
in this case, it is not mentioned that there was any basis for the 
speculation, or a mention of the notorious "inside sources".  where's the 
attribution?  without it, and as the article shows, that this is conjecture 
only his part.
so it's ok to embellish on the news of the day by dropping in rumors?  or 
starting them? and regardless of what one's job or "public persona" may be, 
even with the name spelled correctly, it's still a very cheap shot to take, 
even if that was not the intent, as i am sure in this case.  As previously 
mentioned, Dean usually has his ducks in a row before his stuff hits the 
paper.  and most of the currently-working-in-radio people i'm associated with 
have had only very cordial and respectful dealings with Dean.  The second 
graff sounds like a "done deal"  ("Look for Imus to show up at one of the 
local Greater Media outlets by September.").   further reading (2nd graff 
from the end) indicates the big what-if scenario(s).  that makes it a guess, 

chuck igo