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In a message dated 7/9/99 1:53:29 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
kvahey@megsinet.net writes:

<< Look for Imus to show up at one of the local Greater Media outlets by
 September. WBOS-FM (92.9) and country station WKLB-FM (99.5) are the two
 prime candidates. >>

it's a shame that Dean Johnson, who usually waits til he has all the facts, 
went ahead with idle speculation that will now only serve to make for a very 
llloooonnnnng weekend for the morning show hosts on these two stations.  any 
denial will probably sound fine coming from their respective pd's, but until 
they hear it from the top, any offering will be of little or no consolation.
plus, if the syndication fee is anywhere near the neighborhood mentioned in 
the article, that's an awful lot of money for anyone.  especially if you look 
at the (temporarily) free running monthly ratings on the R&R site, the 
morning shows at the top stations seem to be doing just fine without million 
dollar payrolls.  and the top stations don't include the one currently home 
to the esteemed I-Man. 

chuck igo (in the EARLY morning)