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How hot was it???

        It was so hot . . .

        That Joe D'Ambrosio, sometime national ESPN radio host, played
"Heatwave" all the way through for no apparent reason during the WTIC (AM)
sports talk show on Monday evening, around 6:20. As I  cranked it up, I
thought, this is probably the first time the station has played a record
all the way through since they flipped to talk shortly after Bob Steele
"retired" about eight years ago. I also wondered whether, thanks to the
cheap $$%%##%$%$$ bean counters running them now, they even have a license
to play it. And, no, Joe did not call it a "dancin' oldie" or a "jammin'
oldie" or a "hot oldie." He talked up every verse and filled the
instrumental bridge real tight, then did a nice job of jumping in on the
fade, though. Give that man a contract.

        I had a bad flashback, though. It reminded me of my horrified
reaction when WTIC flipped to talk, which tells you my view of all-talk
radio, generally: I swore I'd never punch them out on the car radio again
when they played a Neil Diamond song, if they'd only switch back to full
service. Really I wouldn't have. Not even Neil Diamond. Or even worse, play
another Manilow song. Go ahead. I won't touch the button. I promise. Really
I won't.