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Gollobin retires

After over 20 years on the air in Boston, television reporter Ron
Gollobin announced his retirement during WCVB's 11 p.m. news

The end of the show featured a montage of notable moments from
Gollobin's career at WCVB: 

	* doing a stand-up report on organized crime (backdrop: Boston 
	* having an on-street encounter with "crime boss" Gerry Angiulo, who
	  seemed to be complaining that the reporter should have asked
  	  permission before coming over to the neighborhood;
	* interviewing a performer in a Mr. Potato Head suit;
	* receiving an Emmy and thanking the crime bosses for being
	  such good conversationalists  :-)
	* sitting in a big bin of coins uring a report on some
	  charitable fundraising activity: he signed off (approximately):
	  "living everybody's dream, Ron Gollobin, NewsCenter Five".

- --RC


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