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Re: Entercom & WAAF

Kyle wrote--
>Does anyone think Entercom would end this station's formula
>which got them the Active Rock station award? I remember
>when I was a young teenager growing up on the North Shore of
>Boston, and heard DOA by the band Bloodrock, and I didn't shoot
>up the school. Why would Limp Bizket? Is it that perceived danger is now
>real danger in the very late nineties? What are some other opinions about
>this story?

A typical corporate over-reaction.  Every station I ever worked at went
through this-- a GM or a group VP or even (gasp) a consultant got the idea
that a certain (pick one) group/song/ideology was dangerous, and not
wanting to offend the (pick one again) owner's wife/advertisers/local
clergy/FCC, they temporarily dropped a bunch of songs or demanded that the
lyrics be edited.  Nine times out of ten, it was sound and fury, signifying
nothing.  For a few weeks, we didn't play a certain tune, and then it
suddenly re-appeared.  I doubt that WAAF will be heavily censored so long
as it keeps bringing in revenue for Entercom.  Otoh, based on what I know
of their corporate philosophy, Entercom tries to avoid controversy and the
company gives a lot to charity, so they may be very sincere about not
wanting the station to overtly thumb its nose at their corporate culture...   


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