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Re: River runs through it... Or, blue plate special....

- --- rickganley@juno.com wrote:
> Bill wrote:
> Listening to WXRV (92.5 Haverhill) and it's been a
> tough day at the
> xmtr, apparantly.  Has dumped a number of times
> since 11 a.m. usually
> for 5-30 seconds or so.  Tip of the headphones to
> the jock on duty for
> not drawing any attention to the PIA experience. 
> Curious, do they
> have a back up or are they born to be wild?
> Bill O'Neill
> So that's why I can hear WBUR (90.9) at my house
> today.... (I live in the
> shadow of the mighty River).
> WXRV does indeed have a backup... xmtr AND tower.
> The old tower is next
> to the main and half the size with an 8 bay, I
> think. It's connected to
> the late '70's era Harris. The main is a 3 year old
> BE... that's had
> MANY-a-problem, as I remember. And I swear the older
> xmtr sounds
> better...
> BTW, both studios and xmtr site have generators.
> Don't get me started on
> how many times those things have failed...
> -Rick Ganley
WXRV the last I knew had a Harris FM10 as a back-up connected to the 8
bay situated on the 1490 stick and the main (Now...used to be a Harris
FM20H) The BE must have been installed just after my stint with North
East Broadcasting (WLYT 1993-'94)
 Oh how I do remember 'ol gurtrude(generator) having a tough time
waking up on those critical occassions. 
 You should see the condition of the oil fire furnace in that
transmitter shack. I went up there one morning to find the place at
only 30 degrees..buuurrr! It's a wonder anything stayed on the air up
there. aahh...remembering the good 'ol days of live radio! 
  Roy Lawrence
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