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- --- Bump Martin <LJNF40C@prodigy.com> wrote:
> From: Mike Thomas <nostatic@earthlink.net>
> >Actually, I've heard rumors that Entercom may not renew the contract for
> >Imus when it runs out next month, citing expense versus diminishing
> >ratings.
> Me thinks if WEEI does away with Imus....they've just signed their death
> certificate!   Other than Imus.....the rest of the day is "filler"...nothing
> "compelling" about the rest of their programming.
> Just my $.02

We're coming up on a 6-year anniversary of Imus'
landing on 'EEI(July 12,1993).

Granted, 'EEI needs lots fixing, particularly
in a very weak PM-drive, but dropping Imus In The
Morning is not a solution to their woes.
Besides, Imus' $200,000 price tag is total a bargain
compared to how much is being spent on salaries and
production costs in other dayparts
which rate a lot lower than I-man's show.

You have 4 voices covering the slow 10-3pm block.
You have a cast of thousands from 3 to 6pm. Very
expensive and absolutely unneccassary. Entercom is
very bottom-line driven, especially now that it's
a publicly-traded company. To see more changes in the next
few weeks is a given, but I'd rather see them start by starting to revamp
midday and afternoon programming, first.

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