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Re: Raleigh signs off

From: EBRadio <ebradio@flash.net>

>Bob Raleigh went off this morning with class!  I taped his first and last
>45 minutes on WBZ Radio.

Ok, ok....SS is going to make a tape available to everyone who didn't stay
up till 5AM!

I suspect Ed Brouder will have a Raleigh Retrospective ready soon!

JK...ss, I would love a copy of that tape....to hear what his final 45
minutes was like.

I also hear that in the middle of the show...1-2-ish...he thanked a laundry
list of people....I woulda liked to have heard that!  ...who he thought was
important in his career.  HIs boss'?  PD's?  Family?  Listeners?  I woulda
liked to hear how he characterized the "important" people in his career...