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Re: WCCM and CJAD fight it out in Lowell

Actually, it makes sense. Since Montreal is both North (later summer sunshine at higher latitude, even at the same longitude)and West of Lawrence (later sunsets all year, because of the more westerl longitude), local sunset in Montreal for June is most likely to be 9:00PM. 

The reverse happens here (Gtr Boston) in winter, when the NYC stations (for example) get an extra 15 (or 30) minutes of daytime power after Boston, but do not enjoy that same advantage in summer.

 ---- On Jun 18 "Kevin Vahey" <kvahey@channel1.com> wrote: 
> I warned the Spinners about this but....
> at 8:15 WCCM switches into night mode... but CJAD stays at daytime pattern
> until 9, which wipes out WCCM at the Spinners ballpark. 9 PM WCCM
> returns......
> However it is going to make it very hard to keep their audience in Lowell
> during games.........
> (I suggested WCAP, but Maurice didn't want Ellis.....so)
> However isn't 9 PM a bit late for CJAD to switch pattern?