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WNEW in 1941 (was WHDH and Blue)

David wrote--
> I checked
>the Times Index throughout the early '40s and found no stories about the
>swap.  A scan of the late city edition of the Times for 11/11 through
>11/13/41 turned up no ads for either station and no change in the radio

Must have been a simple NARBA move, because even the WNEW 50th Anniversary
book only gives it one sentence-- "On March 29, 1941, WNEW changed to its
present frequency, 1130 kilocycles."   In fact, the station's hook-up with
the Daily News newspaper and  how it began to offer news around the clock
(which it began doing on 1 January 42) gets much more attention in the book
than the move over to 1130... (From "WNEW-- Where the Melody Lingers On".)