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Re: WNNW/WHAV...ever in English?

On 10 Jun 99,  BUMP MARTIN wrote:

> Does anyone know if WHAV(1490) or WNNW(1110) ever broadcast anything in
> English?  Or are they totally Spanish?

Do they do legal IDs in English or Spanish?  This question comes to mind 
because last night, for the first time, I remembered to listen to the 
Yiddish hour on WUNR.  And at the top of the hour, they said, "Dos iz 
WUNR, toizent sex hundert AM in Brookline."

Of course, since Yiddish uses the Hebrew alphabet, they used the English 
names of the Roman letters.  But just after that, a French program came 
on, and I heard them giving various stations on which French programming 
could be heard, using the French names of the call letters.

Is there any FCC regulation requiring a legal ID to be in English?
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