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Re[2]: The Future of WBCN-- Talk????

On 7 Jun 99,  BUMP MARTIN wrote:
> If you haven't checked out the link below (re: WBCN), you might want to. 
> It's rather amusing...
>   http://www.wbcnboston.cjb.net

A. Joseph Ross wrote:
I tried it, and all I got was a page that said, "The CBJ.NET site you are 
trying to access does not exist."

     I tried yesterday, midday, and was able to access the site - although 
     a little slow. I believe that is was linked via geocities.
     Tried is this morning (6/8) and get the same message "does not exist".
     There were a number of not so flattering remarks about Oedipus. Things
     like Oedipus sells out, Oedipus decides which local bands will be
     played based on brown nosing, etc. Also Oedipus & Nik Carter su*k.
     I didn't try any of the links from that page. 
     It looked like sour grapes from a band that didn't get airplay on 'BCN.
     You didn't miss much and I didn't spend much time exploring the site.
     But Bump was right, it was amusing!