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Re: WLAW-680

On 7 Jun 99,  Dan.Strassberg@worldnet.att.n wrote:

> I'm also curious about how close WVDA's program schedule 
> (right after WVDA started up) was to WLAW's program 
> schedule just before WLAW died. 

I think it all happened the same day, just like the shift of WEEI and 

> I arrived in Boston in early June 1956, just 43 years 
> ago. I believe that WBZ had only recently dropped NBC 
> and become an independent. I could be wrong, though; 
> that might have happened shortly _after_ I arrived.

My family moved back to the Boston area from Albany in May 1957.  At that 
time, WCOP was Plough, Inc. and WVDA was the ABC affiliate.  WBZ had 
probably dropped NBC by June 1956, and WNAC became the local NBC 
affiliate, in addition to Mutual and Yankee.
> I'm not positive that in June '56, the 1260 calls were 
> still WVDA, but I think they were. I think so because I 
> seem to remember the station being sold later on to Air 
> Trails (or was that Great Trails?) and the call sign 
> being changed (to WEZE). I think that, maybe, by June 
> '56, WVDA had become the NBC affiliate, replacing WBZ.

Not quite that soon.  It was some time after I got back to the Boston area 
in May 1957, and possibly after WVDA became WEZE, that it became the NBC 
affiliate.  It may have been as late as sometime in 1958.
The rest of the stations in the 
> market were daytimers and the four radio networks did 
> not usually affiliate wirh daytimers. So I'm unclear 
> about what station carried ABC. 

When WEZE became the NBC station, it dropped ABC.  I'm not sure how long 
it took before ABC got another affiliate, but when it did, it was a 
daytimer, WTAO 740 in Cambridge.  WTAO was the ABC affiliate in Boston for 
quite some time after that.  I believe that occasional ABC evening 
programming may have been carried on WXHR.

WNAC dropped Mutual not long after it dropped NBC -- or maybe at the same 
time.  Stations like WLLH, which got Mutual from their Yankee Network 
affiliation, also dropped Mutual at that time.  Mutual was without a local 
affiliate until WORL, another daytimer, picked up Mutual news a year or 
two later.

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