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1999 Marconi Award Nominations...

the list is out...

Ledendary Station of the year nominees include perenial favorite, WBZ...

Major market personality of the year:  Matt Siegel / WXKS

AC Station of the year:  WLNH
*** congrats to hopper (member of this group) and his crew ***

News/talk/sports station of the year:  WBZ

Rock station of the year:  WAAF

this info from the AllAccess Netnews (they have the full press release from 
the link for the actual NAB site:

did anyone work with Marconi?  was he a bear on the hotline?  how about his 
music clocks?  did they allow for more than 350 well tested tunes?  did he 
ever do mornings at WLAW? just curious?  <g>

chuck igo