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WBZ/KDKA (was: DX question)

Dan Strassberg writes:
> broad. WBZ comes in relatively fade-free in Ohio. Even eastern Ohio
> farther from Hull than Concord NH is from Philadelphia

I can attest that once (the relatively new 1 kW daytimer) WBGS (1030
Point Pleasant, WV) on the SE OH/WV line signs off, WBZ is clear,
albeit not always with full quieting and with some fading.  An old
vacuum tube radio relic at the in-laws in OH gives WBZ the full
treatment.  I think that is about 760 crow miles (830 road).  Since
sunset at that end of ET is an hour later (9:30 summer, 5 pm winter)
and sunrise is later (8 am winter) you can benefit from AM drive on BZ
and other clears.  Interestingly, and not sure why, but KDKA (1020
Pittsburg) is not as L&C in SE OH as is WBZ.  (??)  Is KDKA a single
stick at 50 kW?

Bill O'Neill