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Re: DX question

At 11:52 PM -0400 5/29/99, Eric Jacobs wrote:

>Driving home from Concord,NH about 9:15 pm, I hit the scan button on my
>AM car radio, and up came 1210 WPHT (if I heard correctly) in Philly.
>What was surprising is it came in like a local-no noise,full
>quieting,the whole 9 yards for my entire 22 mile trip up route 93. Can
>anyone explain how that type of reception is possible? Even the local
>AM's didn't come in that well, and WBZ was fading also. Thanks

Sorry to dissapoint you, but there's nothing unusual about recieving WPHT
(most of us still think of it as WCAU) that well at night.  WPHT is a
50,000 watt, clear channel station.  You may get a more distant station
better than a more local one at night because of the height of the
reflective layers in the atmoshphere, which can leave sort of a gap between
where the ground wave ends and the sky wave begins.  thus, someone further
away from WBZ was likely picking it up better than you were.