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Re: wcav bought by radio one

At 02:37 AM 5/27/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Dean Johnson reports in today's Boston Herald that the $10 million
>purchase of Brockton's country powerhouse (heh) will likely lead to
>signal improvements and an urban format.  Should make life interesting
>for WJMN and WILD.
Well, I hadn't heard the urban format part of the story before, but I had
heard several months ago that either an application had been filed or a CP
had been granted to move the TX north somewhat, increase power (not sure
about antenna height), and probably install a directional antenna
(presumably directionalizing to the north). Doesn't this mean that the Class
D FM at either Lincoln-Sudbury or Concord-Carlisle HS is going to have to
find a new frequency? (I'm not sure which school is the one, but doesn't one
of them have an FM on 97.7--or is it 97.9?)

I'm not sure if I've ever been to Brockton, but doesn't the city have
substantial Black and Hispanic communities? Couldn't an urban format do well
there based solely on the population in the COL? Even with the planned
improvements, I rather doubt that WCAV will have a competitive signal in
Boston, although being located south of the city, WCAV will probably do
best, signal-wise, in the city's southern sections, that is, in Mattapan,
Dorchester, and Roxbury. Such coverage would seem to give an urban format
the best chance of any format the new owners could have picked. 

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