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Re: 1120 Bristol CT

>John Bolduc wrote:
>I got to listen to the New Britain Rock Cats Baseball game on 1120 AM (WPRX??
>WGXP ?? something like that) last evening over/under KMOX St. Louis. This
>is the
>first time I've every got this station. They seemed to be running daytime power
>and/or patter until the game ended which was about 10PM. Is this usual /

        This is WPRX, the relatively recent (10-20 years-??) incarnation of
what once was day-time only WBIS on 1440 kHz in Bristol. It's Spanish,
except it is running the New Britain AA Eastern League baseball this season
in English. I've noted in the past a couple other Conn. stations with low
nighttime power "forgetting" to turn it down until the minor-league
baseball broadcast ended.

        In this case, I'm not sure that's what you're hearing, even though
you said you never heard the station before. WPRX is supposed to be 1 kw
non-DA day and 500 w night, DA. In the past I have heard them faithfully
changing power/pattern on time--but that was pre-baseball. Their 500w
nights might even sound like a power increase toward you, however, as the
pattern is aimed directly away from St. Louis, which means toward you. Even
though there's an 1120 in Concord, Mass., WPRX just about aims its night
pattern directly at Concord by default. It's one reason WADN has such a bad
nighttime signal. I get WPRX skywave all over the Boston / eastern
Massachusetts area regularly.