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Re: 1510 in 1968

If that was the same woman that John H in his G-1060 days, referred to on
the air as "Wendy the Champaign Lady," Lorraine Smith, who posts here from
time to time, keeps up with her. If I recall correctly, about six months
ago, Lorraine said that Wendy was fine and was still in this area.

At 12:57 AM 5/25/99 -0400, you wrote:
>it was asked--
>>>Speaking of WMEX of those days, what ever became of Wendy who was the music
>>>director? (circa 1970)
>>Was that Wendy Fureiga?
>Yes.  She worked at a lot of the stations in Boston-- I knew her at WHDH in
>1980, and she worked at Kiss for a while too-- I also believe she worked
>for John H. Garabedian... I haven't heard much about her lately though...

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