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93.7 in Addison, VT

Took a daytrip up to Vermont today and noticed the
93.7 in Addison (near Middlebury) is up and running
(not sure when they started). I was listening for
awhile; they were playing a syndicated classic rock
show called "Flashback" and the only IDs I heard, if
you can call it that, were "Arrow 93.7". No station
ID was mentioned at or around the 6pm hour.

Does anyone know the call letters of this new station?
(It isn't listed on the Boston Radio Archives yet,
under the various Vermont radio markets).

Also, a few weeks ago, I heard the new 101.5 in
Brandon (same area) playing techno/dance music.
Not sure what their regular format will be, if
it hasn't started already.

And it sure felt weird driving in Northern Vermont
and not hearing anything on 690 and 940. :(

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