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Re: WNDS Back On The Air

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From: Roger Kirk <rkirk@VideoServer.com>
To: 'Boston-Radio-Interest' <boston-radio-interest@bostonradio.org>
> I believe WXPO-TV Channel 50 had a Townsend Transmitter, also.
> It was, however, labelled AMPEX.  I was led to believe AMPEX
> bought Townsend.  (Comments?)

   It is my understanding that WNDS somehow wound up with the same basic
unit that WXPO had ( a little refurbushed but )...

   I seem to recall they also looked at the original WXPO location, and
decided that  a Hudson site would give them more ommph ( especially in
Nashua ) where WXPO always had problems.

 Looking at WNDS this morning, it looks like their video level is at about
80% ....

 Now here is an idle thought.... somehow you combine 46 and 50 together, you
have the Eastern Mass, Southern NH cable markets locked up (Diller is going
to have some problems getting 66 back on a lot of cable systems), and then
maybe go after the Celtics and other 68 castoffs.