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Re: WUBB (not) on the web

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From: Chris Beckwith <beckwith@ime.net>
To: <boston-radio-interest@bostonradio.org>
Sent: Thursday, May 20, 1999 9:56 AM
Subject: Re: WUBB (not) on the web

> > The same thing happens when you punch in www.b953.com.  However, the
> > inhabitants of 95.3, wxht, still has their website active.  I just can't
> > laughing.....

> When they end up firing the WHEB afternoon drive person and the "Morning
Buzz Crew", what will
 be next, the WERZ airstaff, or are they already pretty much history?
 BTW...Does anyone know what happened to long time chief engineer Ken
Neenan? Seeing someone
else in Ken's beautifully designed engineering room (on the WHEB website)
looks rather disturbing!

Roy Lawrence
Fuller-Jeffrey Broadcasting of New England
Portland, Maine

> Crapstar must have other things on their minds, like how many WHEB
holdovers to fire this week.
> Take care,
> Chris