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Re: WNDS off the air!

>>Larry Weil <kc1ih@mediaone.net> said:
>>> Since at least 10 PM today, WNDS Channel 50 has been off the air.  Does
>>> anyone know why?
>>-GAWollman replied
>>They have been off Cablevision all evening....
>My NH correspondent writes:
>???. Ch. 50 being knocked off the air by a fire
>at the transmitter yesterday?? There was no
>mention of it on Ch. 9's news this morning, but
>given the feelings between the stations, I guess
>that's not surprising.  I heard a brief mention of it
>on WOKQ this morning, not in the news, but in
>a comment by one of the jocks.  If it really was
>a fire in the TX shack, I wonder if it affected
>WHOB or anyone else.
>Roger Kirk

Yes indeed, there was a small fire at the X-mitter site.  Evidently some
key wiring was damaged, and they are still in the process of being
repaired. That the word I got when I was there this AM doing the booth
announce work.