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Re: lesser known pop hits

<<On Wed, 19 May 1999 19:08:29 EDT, PWerlin@aol.com said:

> Z(ed) and all the rest. That was my life. WXRV sometimes plays Split Enz.
>     So we're all close to the same age demographic, I assume?

Of course, Split Enz were not a local group (just to keep everybody
straight), they were a bunch of Aussies.  Were it not for Neil Finn's
later career with Crowded House and now as a solo artist I don't think
there would be much memory of Split Enz.

ObBostonRadio: Neil Finn played ``RiverFest '98'' in the pouring
rain.  I foolishly trusted a *meter*ologist from Penn State rather
than a real *meteor*ologist, and so didn't bring an umbrella.  The
opening act (some guy from Philly whose name escapes me) made a
jocular reference to the Crowded House hit ``Weather With You''.  Then
Jonatha Brooke came on and chased the rain away.  Two tracks on her
current CD, ``Jonatha Brooke Live'', were recorded live at that show.
While I was at that show, I picked up two WXRV tee-shirts, one
key-chain, and two copies of Grey Eye Glances' then-latest CD which on
the insert mistakenly thanks ``WPXN'' (should have been their
home-town WXPN) in addition to WXRV and WCBR.  I don't mind -- my copy
is signed :-) .  Unfortunately, I had to leave before Neil Finn got on

- -GAWollman