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Re: lesser known pop hits

In a message dated 5/19/99 11:49:29 AM EDT, rkirk@VideoServer.com writes:

<< WAAF "claims" to play local music, but some bands 
 dispute that.  Godsmack is one of their favorites. >>

My boyfriend worships WAAF and their dj's so I have heard of Godsmack but 
can't think of what song they have out. I remember Bay State Rock on Sunday 
nights on WAAF.   I feel old when I tell him that "it all sounds like noise 
to me..." :-)
  I think there was a band in the 80's called The Dark - it sounds familiar.
   Of course, I remember Bram Tchaikovsky (am I close?), the Motors, Fischer 
Z(ed) and all the rest. That was my life. WXRV sometimes plays Split Enz.
    So we're all close to the same age demographic, I assume?