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Re: "Star Wars--The Phantom Picture"

Howie Carr has said he talks about "the things
people are discussing at the water cooler". Once
in awhile, someone will call in and complain about
his topic, and he'll say, "I'm sorry, but this is
what people want to talk about". The same could
apply to TV news (or newspapers!). If "Phantom Menace"
is what people may be interested in most, the news
directors figure they might as well go for it. Short-
attention spans, "dumbing down of America", the
hold the entertainment industry has on us...call it
what you will...

Everybody sing...(to the tune of "That's Entertainment"):

"the news is a world,
the world is a stage
of info-tainment!"

(Of course, those who who MOST interested in the movie
were probably on their way to the theatre when the
11 pm news was on, and wouldn't have seen the
pieces anyway.)

- --- Joseph Gallant <notquite@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Guess what was the lead story on these three
> stations' late newscasts?

> I presume that Ed Murrow is (once again) spinning in
> his grave, while locally, Arch MacDonald and Victor
> Best must have also turned over in their graves
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