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Re: Information on V-66

     One thing that many people probably forgot was
that WVJV-TV ("V-66") was Boston's FIRST STEREO TV
station.  It was a major selling point for the
station.  "Someday all TV stations will be in stereo,
but now today you can tune in "V-66" in S-T-E-R-E-O
     I would not be surprised that Channel 66 would
take up all of Channel 68's programming line-up ("The
Odd Couple", "Extra", Celtics Basketball and such.). 
They have the same cable coverage and a similar
off-air coverage.  The have a CP for a full
five-million watts, as well as a HDTV transmitter on
the air on Channel 23.  Keep your eye on 66. 
CityVision is the same idea that WABU had, a real
locally favored TV station.  Now with WABU almost
gone, it just might work.

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