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Re: lesser known pop hits

In a message dated 5/18/99 1:08:41 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
dlh@donnahalper.com writes:

<< And speaking of lesser known hits, whatever happened to Oak?  I always sort
 of liked "King of the Hill". >>


   you're right on that.  Rick Pinnette and the boys had a pretty good thing 
working, for Musical Men from Maine...  they also had "Set the Night On 
Fire".  (had a pd who wasn't paying attention one time doing pm drive on 
WCSH... came out of the NBC bulletin about the bad fire in Vegas in '80, and 
went right into the aforementioned...)

also concur with previous postings on The Stompers, Robin Lane, Private 
Lightning(!!! "Song of the Kite" !!!) and Duke and the Drivers (New Year's 
Eve, 1975 at Uncle Sam's
on Nantasket... great party with a fake id... but i digress).  i've mentioned 
the "locals" in 
passing from time to time here, but, believe it or not... "they don't test 
well".  about the
only one's we've been able to slip in are Tavares and the occasional Orpheus 
spin (when 
we can find the cart...  jj: do you know where it is?)

as to the laments as to how we (those of us who do appreciate the efforts of 
these home
townies) will ever get to hear them on a regular basis....  to paraphrase 
mickey rooney &
judy garland:  "Hey, gang!  Let's buy a radio station!"  (i've got about 48 
bucks available on
a Visa.  anyone else?)