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Re: Information on V-66

At 02:00 PM 5/17/99 -0700, Bob Nelson wrote:
>True story: I remember tuning in to "V-66" once and
>seeing a "video" for Price's "Raspberry Beret". It
>wasn't the same video MTV aired; instead, the camera
>went back and forth between pictures of the album
>cover, lyrics, and maybe a few other things. I suppose
>V-66 wasn't given the right to broadcast the actual
>video so they had to "make do"...Your explanation
>about that MTV exclusivity is interesting and
>undoubtedly true!

V-66 had several videos that were unique to them.  They produced their own
video for "We Built This City On Rock & Roll" by Starship...focused on
Boston rock and radio from the 50s/60s.  (it was very well done...the
"official" video for that song was really lame IMHO) They also aired an
alternate version of the video for Dire Strait's "Money For Nothing"
(though this apparently was a record co. video..it featured Mark Knopfler
as a street musician in a subway tunnel)...the V-66 version made more sense
than the MTV one...at least it coincided with the story line of the
song..the MTV version just showed a bunch of football players if I'm not