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Re: lesser known pop hits

Great song! We used to play that on WCDQ in Sanford, Maine (Mount Realto
when I was there, and wouldn't be surprised if that were still being played.
Yes, in
regular rotation. I'm going to miss that station when it starts to simulcast
 Here's another song...how 'bout (pardon the spelling) "Sausaullitto Summer
 by Diesal from umm..1980, Not to mention killer stereo separation. This
song was also
on WCDQ's regular playlist!!!!!! How 'bout "Couldn't Say No" from Robert
Ellis Oral from
1981! This artist now I believe country, is from Manchester-By-The Sea, MA!
 Just taking a minute to remember some great songs on the radio! The scary
thing is, I could
think of countless more songs for this topic!!!!

Roy Lawrence
Portland, Maine

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> Bob Nelson wrote:
> >Another song that comes to mind would be the Stompers'
> >"Never Tell An Angel (When Your Heart's On Fire)" from
> >the mid 80s. A popular local band, and a big hit on
> >local radio-- but I think it peaked at #85 nationally.
> >You don't really hear that one either, not even
> >locally.
> How about "What You Got" by Duke & The Drivers?
> Roger Kirk
> rogerkirk@usa.net