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Pioneer Valley radio

I went to the Democratic State Convention yesterday in Springfield, after 
which I drove up to Amherst, and listened to a number of things on the car 
radio.  One thing I noticed was that WARE in Ware is doing oldies.  I didn't 
listen for very long, but it sounded as though they were playing some of the 
oldies that the FM oldies stations weren't playing.  I imagine they'd have to, 
in order to have something to distinguish them from Big D-103 and another 
oldies FM that I heard briefly but can't remember which station it was.

Also, I noticed that WTTT in Amherst was simulcasting WRNX, the co-owned 
FM.  I wonder why they didn't call it WTTT-FM when they opened it.  

I heard an interesting show on WMUA, in which two ladies were playing 
records and waxing philosophical.  It was the end of the school year, and this 
was probably the last show they would be doing together, as one of them was 
leaving.  Since I was already heading to the Campus Center, I dropped into the 
station and met them as they were leaving.  The one who was leaving said she 
was going to spend the fall semester in Australia.  She thought it was 
remarkable that, while there, she would still be able to listen to WMUA on the 

I only wish webcasting had been available back when local stations actually 
sounded local.

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