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WLLH article

Last Saturday in the LOWELL SUN there was an article on the history of WLLH.
Sadly they have chosen not to put it on their website. Auntie Donna was
quoted often.

the author eas David Perry, and he can be reached at dperry@lowellsun.com.
Perhaps enough emails will have the Sun enter the article in their online

Now perhaps it is time to kick up a can of worms...there are people upset
over the demise of WLLH, but they are still there, they simply are in
spanish. It isn't like it went dark.

I saw this happen in 1982 when living in Chicago, I heard WIND go thru a
week long goodbye to Chicagoland after Group W unloaded it to a spanish

WIND at least at the time became a full service station that could serve the
huge hispanic population of Chicago, so this should not have been considered
a tragedy. WLLH on the surface seems like it will be just another repeater
for Mega, but that is reflective of the industry in general.

Other bemoan the loss of signals like 590 to religious brokers, but as WEZE
before it proved, if you can sell the time, and not worry about rating
books..more power to them.

We can bemoan the fact that the FCC has all but given up on  making stations
responsible to the COL, but the harsh reality is, that won't pay the bills
anymore. Just look at the second largest city in New England (Worcester)
which now has very little local programming of any kind.