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Re: NorthEast Radio Watch 5/7: Rhythmic Oldies Claim Hartford, Rochester FMs

In the interest of historical accuracy, please allow me to pick a few
nits from NERW 5/7/99:

> Boston University is selling the TV stations it bought from the
> Christian Science Monitor six years ago
Boston University Communications bought only one station from Monitor
Television 6 years ago.  WCVX Vineyard Haven was purchased from Cape
Television 4 years ago and WNHT Concord was licensed to New England
Television until 4 years ago.

> Bangor's WZON (620) is switching networks.  After almost 60 years as
> an NBC Radio affiliate (most of those as WLBZ), the station is now
> with ABC.
Make that just a tad over 60 years, if the change is recent.  After
being a Columbia affiliate since 1930, WLBZ switched to NBC Blue
programming on December 11, 1938.  Less than a month later a few Red
programs began turning up on the schedule.  'LBZ went all-Red in 1942 as
NBC prepared to spin off the Blue Network, which would eventually become

By the way, did you know NBC was bothered by the political connotations
of the color of its flagship network and considered changing the name in
the mid-'30s?  The Liberty Network was one suggested alternative
handle.  However, it remained Red until becoming just plain ol' NBC when
Blue was split off.  (Just a little tidbit I came across recently in
Variety, September 2, 1936, page 35.)


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