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Re: Kiss 108 versus Star

The new Star 93-7 has booked a date at the Hatch this
summer. Probably some sort of a Boogie Down 
disco revival show..:) I am not sure if Kiss will take them seriously. I think
Mix is still a bigger threat to Kiss. The MixFest this
fall will be...get ready for this...at Foxboro Stadium.
This is partly because the City of Boston will not
allow them to use the Boston Common(public safety concerns),
the stuffy Beacon Hill/BackBay crowd is up in arms about
100,000-200,000 showing up at the Hatch for 3 straight days
and City Hall plaza is simply an inadequate concert
venue. Also, Mix will now be able to charge for tickets
with some proceeds probably benefiting some socially
correct cause....


- --- Donna Halper <dlh@donnahalper.com> wrote:
> I noticed tonight that Kiss 108 is running a promo about their upcoming
> 20th anniversary, and they invite listeners to reminisce about their
> favourite songs from the past 20 years-- now, given that Kiss was much more
> of a dance station for the first 15 years of its existence, might this be
> just a little swipe at the folks who have defected to the new Star?  (And
> it was truly bizarre to hear the late Sunny Joe White's voice on the Kiss
> promo...)

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