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Re: Sebastian and WZMX

Rick Kelly wrote of Sebastian:

>Apparently he started to critique the looks of the brides in the bridal
section of the Hartford Courant.<

I seem to recall his firing as being the result of offending an
advertiser, Hartford Jai-Alai, if I'm not mistaken. I think he ad-libbed
something about the players' criminal records onto a tag line on an ad.

I actually enjoyed his 'DRC show -- this was in the early '80s, during
their final days as a pop station -- and that was the story I got when I
called the studio line to ask where Sebastian was. Not sure who I spoke
to -- Bob Marx comes to mind.

Regarding WZMX's new format, it certainly seems to be all oldies, rather
than the hybrid on Boston's 93.7. I don't recall seeing any speculation
on a switch in this newsgroup; wonder how long it had been in the works.
Since they only gave "The Point" one full ratings book to prove itself,
maybe it was never intended to be a lasting format. I'd been wondering
why the call letters had never changed to something with a "PT," as is
the case with several other "Points."
Another thought: What happens to all those "pointlistener.com" e-mail
boxes they set up for their listeners who signed up at wzmx.com over the
past month or so?