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Re: The River ...

At 11:40 AM 5/6/99 -0400, Bill O'Neill wrote:
>Dave's attempt at reason:
>>C'mon radio stations, toss us a bone at least once an hour and pull
>one out
>>that you didn't play this week.
>>"Uh, sorry, that song will cause one listener to turn the station.
>We can't
>>have that.  Our listeners like songs and artists they are familiar
>I really feel for the talent on this list who have to field these
>reasonable calls from disenheartened listeners.  Most jocks I know are
>_very_ music-savvy, within at least a couple of genres or niches, if
>not ecclectic.  Listeners can run, jocks can't hide!  Especially given
>the dearth of opportunities to plug in the cans at a place that will
>actually pay the bills.

There's an old saying in this business...if your jocks like the music
you're playing, you're doing something wrong.  As far as being music-savvy
goes, I'd say 60-40 music nuts vs like some of it, but not like it's their
entire life. Most people who get into radio because they "love music" don't
last very long unless they have something else to contribute.