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Re: Radio-based movie on WGBH tonight

Did anyone ever catch this movie?  It sounded interesting....

Does anyone know if it will be repeated on GBH or GBX?



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Subject: Radio-based movie on WGBH tonight

>Somewhat tangentially related to radio, and I thought some might be
>Tonight at 10pm, WGBH Boston is airing a movie called 'Captive Audience' as
>part of the "Viewpoint" series.
>Basically, WFNX Production Director Mike Gioscia (who used to work
>wondered what would happen if one crazy listener just broke into the studio
>one night during the overnight shift. Then he made a low budget indie film
>about it.
>Aside from taking place in the world of radio, the film's production staff
>crew reads like a Who's Who of past & present WFNX staffers- it was written
>Gioscia, directed & produced by Gioscia & former FNX PD Kurt St. Thomas,
>features past & present air staff (Henry Santoro, Julie Kramer, Kat, Chris
>Kennedy, morning show producer Wymer) in supporting or cameo roles. My
>understanding (I haven't seen it yet so I can't be sure) is that some of it
>was filmed in the FNX studios in Lynn.
>more info at: