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Kevin Vahey wrote:

> A few hours later I was in the Fitchburg area and listened to the tail end
> of the Sox game on WEIM.....memo to the board op, when talking to your
> sweetie, make sure the mike is OFF....
> However conversation was far more interesting than the ballgame

  Here's a problem that happens so rarely that I haven't been able to solve

It seems that there is a high powered 160 meter ham radio operator in the
Fitchburg area
whose transmitter has a spur on WEIM's 1280 kHz. frequency.  In some areas of
the city, his signal overpowers that of WEIM.  Because it has happened
before,  I'm sure that it wasn't the board op's fault.

The interference  is only  noticed at night when WEIM is down to a kilowatt and
the 160 band is open and it only happens a few  times a year.  The PD is trying
to track down who it might be, but he has had no luck yet.

Time to get out the field meter  and go on a foxhunt!!

Mark Bisbee
Engineer, WEIM