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NERW 4/23

In NERW 4/23/99, Scott Fybush writes:
>Rico Petrocelli is all over the place lately: In addition to WSMN
>(1590 Nashua NH), the former Sox star is co-hosting "The Home Team"
>daily at noon on WRPT (650 Ashland) and WSRO (1470 Marlborough).  

Yes, he is.  He appeared at Lovering Volvo (Nashua) on
Saturday - signing autographs for free.  He was most cordial
and has strong opinions about today's Red Sox management.

WZID did a remote til 2:00.  Link to the studios was "Noisy" 
according to a WZID staffer.  Therefore it was limited to 
cell-phone-in's.  The mobile studio is impressive from the 
outside.  Well-painted graphics and a "moving" letter sign.  
I heard one phone-in on my way to Nashua.

When WZID left, WXRV stepped up to the plate, but 
didn't really seem to be doing a remote, though.  They 
provided a (non-WXRV) Mobile DJ to play "WXRV's 
music" and give away CD's, bumper stickers and other 
music-related items.  As I left, it sounded like someone 
from the dealership was asking the DJ about announcements 
"on the air", etc.  I listened to WXRV on my way home 
(about 75 minutes) and heard no mention of Lovering Volvo.   
Sounds to me like communications broke down somewhere.

Roger Kirk