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I'm on a Mexican Radio... (was: Adios LLH)

>>Bill O'Neill wrote:
>>Unfort., I'll be out of the country when WLLH flips to spanish, but
>>wouldn't you know it, that as WLLH goes Spanish, I'll be in...Mexico.
>There is a reprieve!  Last minute details have apparently delayed the
>signing of the paperwork and ultimate takeover of the air-chain until
>"at least the middle of next week"
>This according to a report in the 4/14 Lowell Sun.

Arriva!  We are back.  Puerto Vallarta (2 thumbs up) has a way of
putting you in the spirit of what is un-likely called "Hot Hispanic!"
The DJ at the resort pool took liberties with some SP
disco/hip-hop/house mixed with some English/American stuff that would
never make it to USA radio, but _could_ work in some demos if done

Mexican radio, at least in the Nayarit area, tended to niche block
throughout the day.  91.9 (no calls/COLs in front of me now, but the
stations are infrequent with them to say the least!) was classical
daytime, jazz  evenings, blues at night - well done.)  99.9 featured
American AC with all SP jocks/spots for part of the day, refreshingly
low hype.  In some conversations with the entertainment crew who travel
here, they acknowledged that US Spanish formats are just beginning to
diversify formats within the broader genre.  After only a couple of
days, the current, hotter SP tracks were extremely listenable and fresh.
Amazed at the (predominantly American) 20s crowd and how they bought
into the sound so quickly and were actually requesting some tunes by

There was one particular requested song that escapes me that was the
basis of what everyone called the "sharky dance" a line dance that would
put the 'Achy Breaky' to shame.  Never witnessed so much energy from a
bunch of uptight New Englanders.  All that pale, flabby skin, so little

Bill O'Neill