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Re: AT 40 on WBZ

At the same time celebrity's are as entitled to their opinion as much as 
anyone else and if they give away there time and talent for a cause, I have a 
hard time knocking them for it.  (I just wish they weren't all liberals ;-) ) 
 But I also hate it when celebrity's go on talk shows and talk about issues 
like they are experts when they're not.

Dan Billings
Bwodoinham, Maine

In a message dated 4/21/99 12:19:32 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
steveord@xtdl.com writes:

<< I agree.  Like their viewpoints are any more valid than the janitor's.
 Most celebrities get really tedious when they get in this mode.  One that
 immediately comes to mind was Jackson Browne back in the 70s when he was
 really into the no nukes thing. >>